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Forget Fair Use, Pubs Want Ad Nets To Pay For ‘Fair Syndication’ Of Their Content

image“If you can’t beat ’em — make money off of them.” That seems to be the thinking behind the Fair Syndication Consortium, a group of online publishers that have partnered with tech firm Attributor to help tackle the hot-button issues of content scraping, copyrights and dwindling ad revenues. The Consortium’s goal is to help publishers get a cut of the ad revenues generated by sites that repurpose their content — and the group wants to work directly with the networks that serve the ads to do it.

2 Responses to “Forget Fair Use, Pubs Want Ad Nets To Pay For ‘Fair Syndication’ Of Their Content”

  1. Why petition the ad networks to share the revenue from sites that have illegally pilfered the content to begin with? That's like asking a used car dealer to give you some of the revenue for your car that he bought from a thief who stole it from you — then resold to an unsuspecting buyer.

    The better approach is to allow blogs and sites to instantly and legally post whatever articles they want and share the ad revenue with the publisher. All a site has to do is click the "post" link on the articles from a publisher's site, or subscribe to a clipping service that offers "instant posting" services on a revenue-sharing basis. That way, sites are rewarded for doing the right thing to begin with, rather getting compensated for stealing it to begin with.

    Any publisher can enable this system and serve their own, much higher-paying ads, rather than splitting revenue with low-paying ad networks, by adding a simple script to their CMS.