In-Stat: 66M Consumers Doing the Two-Screen Tango


More than 66 million U.S. consumers are using their computer while watching TV, according to new research from In-Stat. In-Stat’s survey also found that more men than women are creating these so-called two-screen experiences, with 33 percent of male respondents saying they sometimes use a PC while watching television compared with 25 percent of female respondents. One-fifth of all respondents said they were IM’ing while watching TV, with similar responses among males and females.

Companies like Jacked are being built from the ground up for this type of two-screen experience, providing real-time stats for sports fans watching games. And though services like Facebook and Twitter are migrating to the television, it’s hard to imagine big-screen social TV eradicating the two-screen experience. What kid wants their private IMs blasted in big letters for the whole family to read?

In-Stat also reported that 15 percent of U.S. respondents said they could soon be cutting back their spending on mobile, broadband and pay TV services because of the bad economy.



Chris…thanks for the data showing the momentum behind the two screen experience. Evidence like this and the challenge associated with TV screen navigation was the motivation behind the development of our portable application. Do people really want to browse content choices, chat with friends, or get information about shows, actors, or an advertiser’s product through menus on the TV screen, using the remote to type and navigate? Didn’t we learn this wasn’t practical from WebTV and numerous other TV screen navigation solutions since?

What’s needed is a portable navigation solution that runs on a netbook, smart phone or the new class of touchscreen MID devices, and synchronizes content between the portable interface screen and the television screen. A parallel experience wouldn’t disrupt viewing of the TV with menus and keyboards but would enable new ad and business models through this auxiliary interface. New or enhanced revenue streams are critical in helping content providers and service providers monetize the delivery of TV programming, movies, and UGC over the web.

We’re working towards this vision at Eyecon Technologies,

T1 Rex

Funny you should mention it, but we’re watching a soap opera right now as I surf and post on my laptop computer. Works great leaning back in the recliner.

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