Caitlin Hill Takes Over Rocketboom Desk

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Rocketboom has gone old-school YouTube, bringing Caitlin Hill on board to helm the web-based news program after Joanne Colan hosted her last episode on Friday. (Show creator Andrew Baron must be a sucker for women with accents.) Hill has been a YouTube sorta-celeb since 2006, posting videos there under the moniker TheHill88, where she amassed more than 70,000 subscribers and north of 4.4 million views.

Hill is also listed the chief creative officer of Hitviews, a production company that connects brands with web video stars.

The Colan-to-Hill host switch seems much more amicable than when original Rocketboom anchor Amanda Congdon left the show amidst a public fight with Baron over its ownership that eventually played out in the courts. Colan was brought in as a hurried replacement mid-2006.

In December ’08, Rocketboom signed a deal with another YouTube celeb, Lisa Nova, to start up a “West Coast news desk.” That arrangement was short-lived, however. When asked about the Nova/Rocketboom relationship, Baron told us via email that: “It turned out, we didn’t really have the same objectives or approaches and mutually decided to keep up heading down our own separate paths. Rocketboom still has an office in L.A. and we plan to continue the work we set out to do there by expanding with a west coast anchor.”

As we wrote last week, the Sony-distributed (s sne) Rocketboom recently signed Intel (s intc) to sponsor its tech coverage. It’s also developed a neat in-house series called Know Your Meme.

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