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AT&T to Boost 3G Speeds, Network Capacity

AT&T (s T) is working on doubling the 3G speeds of its HSPA network to 7.2 Mbps, Telephony reports today. AT&T Mobility VP Scott McElroy told the magazine that this software-driven upgrade will be the last of its kind before Ma Bell starts to transition to Evolved HSPA, which would triple the network’s speeds.

AT&T’s network has been buckling under the load of Apple’s (s aapl) ultra-popular 3G iPhone, which has kicked the demand for wireless data services into high gear. AT&T is also looking to boost its revenues by offering 3G data plans for netbooks as well as to get a bigger share of the machine-to-machine communications business.

AT&T claims that it’s also using its 850 Mhz spectrum for 3G services, which gives consumers more bandwidth and better connections. AT&T says it is also upgrading its backhaul network to meet the data demand. With these upgrades, AT&T is finally admitting to what I’ve been saying all along: Their network sucks.

10 Responses to “AT&T to Boost 3G Speeds, Network Capacity”

  1. Software upgrading to 7.2 Mbps in way behind the eightball, but at least it is moving forward. But as clearly as stated by others, that is not the issue. They will not be ‘software upgrading’ the backhaul and that is where heaps of the issue lies with the congestion caused by the Iphone over AT&T infrastructure today.

  2. Third data outage near Chicago’s O’Hare corridor in 30 days. Either I have an amazing 3G signal, or none. AT&T gives me a $5 credit whenever I waste $30 of my time (15 minutes, let’s say) to call and complain.

    7.2mbps? That’s great, if they can sustain tower function. For tonight, I’m using my Sprint Expresscard and a Verizon 3G-phone both tethered to my Cradlepoint router. Excellent download speeds, and none of AT&T’s ridiculous non-transfer speeds.

  3. Had the Iphone here in the D.C/Maryland from August ’08 thru Jan ’08. I spent more time calling folks back after dropping calls that it was sickening. Finally after complaining about the shoddy service a supervisor released me out of my contract. The final straw was a day that consisted of 6 drops on the 495 Beltway. AT&T “hand-offs” from tower to tower are the worse… phone but what good is it if you can’t sustain a call. I’ve always had Verizon as a primary (thank goodness) and I can count on one hand the number of drops I’ve had it 3 years. VZW may nickel and dime the hell out of you but no other carrier can hold a candle to their voice network….its a BEAST!

  4. i think we need to see if this later network upgrade to HSDPA 7.2Mbps is available ONLY to iphone or to EVERY other 3G device for AT&T because they have commanded their device vendors to limit the capability to 3.6Mbps except data cards up to lately.

  5. Any word on when this rollout is going to occur? I am not sure how much longer I can put up with this 3G to EDGE to GPRS and back non-sense network…