AT&T to Boost 3G Speeds, Network Capacity

AT&T (s T) is working on doubling the 3G speeds of its HSPA network to 7.2 Mbps, Telephony reports today. AT&T Mobility VP Scott McElroy told the magazine that this software-driven upgrade will be the last of its kind before Ma Bell starts to transition to Evolved HSPA, which would triple the network’s speeds.

AT&T’s network has been buckling under the load of Apple’s (s aapl) ultra-popular 3G iPhone, which has kicked the demand for wireless data services into high gear. AT&T is also looking to boost its revenues by offering 3G data plans for netbooks as well as to get a bigger share of the machine-to-machine communications business.

AT&T claims that it’s also using its 850 Mhz spectrum for 3G services, which gives consumers more bandwidth and better connections. AT&T says it is also upgrading its backhaul network to meet the data demand. With these upgrades, AT&T is finally admitting to what I’ve been saying all along: Their network sucks.