Apple Stays the Course With New “Get a Mac” Ads


macandpcNot one to be baited into a direct reprisal of Microsoft’s (s msft) latest “laptop hunter” series of commercials, Apple (s aapl) is firing back in their own way with the release of four new installments of their “Get a Mac” ads. The Get a Mac ads, in case you haven’t seen them (how’s life under that rock, by the way?), star John Hodgman and Justin Long as human representations of a PC and a Mac, respectively. The four new installments are the first to be released since Christmas, when animated versions meant to resemble Rankin/Bass classics like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” came out.

Honestly, I found this batch fell kind of flat compared with previous episodes in the same series, but at least they’re not just plain misleading like the latest from Redmond.


Joseph Cool

As an owner of a PC I know what’s wrong with Vista and it’s not that bad. Instead of pointing out Windows flaws SHOW ME what is so great about a Mac. These commercials are childish and stupid and are a terrible response to the very succesfull new PC ads that take advantage of the current economical situation.


Good ads but Apple should concentrate on selling that key point as in the ‘Stacks’ version – finding things on a Mac is so much easier. But saying iPhoto comes ‘free’ with a Mac? Hmmmm, that stretching it a bit…


“equivalent Mac” is what’s misleading about those ads.

They are buying laptops that are outside the market that Apple is in…there’s no “equivalent Mac” in the built-with-cheap-parts market segment, for instance, no matter what Laura would like.


I think the new Microsoft ads are really good. What’s misleading about them? It’s fair to say you can get a Windows-based computer for less than an equivalent Mac.


These ads are hilarious, especially being a recent Mac convert. When I was a PC guy, about a year ago, these ads would make my blood boil.

They might be getting stale, but for now, I enjoy them. Keep it up Apple!


I found these mildly entertaining, but one wonders indeed when Apple is going to move on from these ads. They are getting a bit repetitive.

There are better ads in the series than all of these and the last one about the Time Traveller is not only not funny, it’s kind of pointless. All that build-up just so they can say PCs will still (probably) freeze in the future? WTF?


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