@ USA Today CEO Forum: Barry Diller: IAC-AOL Deal Makes Sense But Too Intricate

Updated Some 300 business undergrads and MBA students at Washington University in St. Louis were treated to the Barry Diller show Monday afternoon, when the IAC (NSDQ: IACI) chairman and CEO was interviewed for the USA Today CEO Forum series by the paper’s senior media reporter David Lieberman. After the requisite talk about the economy, Lieberman asked what Diller was going to do with all the cash his company has amassed (nearly $2 billion). Diller’s reply: “I’d like to spend it intelligently, that would be the first desire. You can’t have it get hot in your pocket. … Unfortunately, I cannot find anything that is worth buying today.”

It’s either overpriced or something he doesn’t want. As for the money, “If we can’t figure out what to do with it we’ll just [distribute] it to our shareholders, which would be a failure.” What is looking at? “You have to redefine what the area is so you continue to grow so we


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