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Spotify’s Sales Pitch: Mood-Targeted Ads Coming Soon

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Iris Digital MD George Nimeh put Spotify’s UK sales director Jon Mitchell on the spot during a recent visit to the digital marketer. One nugget in this video from Mitchell, who was previously sales head at radio operator GCap for eight years: “Much much later on this year, we’ll be looking at targeting by mood. If you’re a brand that needs to reach people in a relaxed mindset – perhaps they’re listening to Ibiza chill-out or Mozart – but we know that 15-24 is in that mindset and therefore you can serve the right brand to them.”

I will be interviewing Spotify’s new UK MD Paul Brown at The Guardian’s Radio Reborn conference on April 27.

2 Responses to “Spotify’s Sales Pitch: Mood-Targeted Ads Coming Soon”

  1. Hi Robert,

    To the extent possible, I thought Jon was very open about Spotify and helped the the iris team learn a great deal about their business. We spoke at length about the mood-based targeting that you mention (as well as other clever ad formats), as we also found it to be quite intriguing.

    One thing I tried to learn more about (but was unable to pry out of him) was more information about what they're doing on mobile. Given that they've hired Gustav Söderström away from Yahoo, I'd expect them to launch something significant quite soon. Maybe that's something you can discuss with Paul Brown.

    Anyway, thanks for the mention and the link!

    George Nimeh

  2. in the future music sites will have tv material that will play, in tune with the music, re-edited tv material. Both creatively designed and random.