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SAG Board Approves New Contract (with New Media Details)

The board of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) narrowly approved a tentative new deal with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) today. The proposed contract now heads to the general membership for ratification. For all you NewTeeVee-readin’ folk, there are new provisions governing new media, which was a sticking point in the negotiations, which have dragged on for nearly 10 months. From a SAG statement, the proposed deal includes:

  • Jurisdiction on all derivative, made-for new media productions; automatic jurisdiction on all high-budget, original, made-for new media productions; plus jurisdiction on low budget original, new media productions that employee at least 1 covered performer.
  • Residuals for exhibition of TV and Theatrical motion pictures on consumer pay platforms (Electronic Sell Through) at a greater percentage than those paid for DVD distribution.
  • Residuals for ad-supported streaming of feature films and television programs.
  • Residuals for derivative new media programs.

The contract would be for just two years instead of three, expiring with the other Hollywood guilds’ agreements. Who knows where “new media” will be in two years between online video being piped directly to television sets and authentication plans from the big operators and media companies.

The SAG board was pretty evenly split on this approval with 53.38 percent in favor to 46.62 percent opposed. The deal now goes on to SAG membership where a simple majority is all that’s needed to approve it. But getting that majority won’t be so simple. As The Hollywood Reporter writes:

“The thin split in the board was not unexpected and represents a party-line vote between the coalition of self-described moderate forces and the only slightly outmanned MembershipFirst faction. The ensuing battle for the hearts and minds (and votes) of the rank-and-file should prove just as contentious.”

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