Viliv S5 Premium Hitting U.S. Shores at $599



James took a guess at the Vilev S5 UMPC price in this week’s podcast, but I think he had inside information. ;) He nailed it at $599! I was actually nosing around the Dynamism site to take a closer look at the S5 specifications when I saw the price. There’s a bit of a catch though: if you want one of these pocketable UMPCs, you’ll want hit the pre-order page on April 27th at 1:00pm ET. That’s when Dynamism is opening up the flood-gate and it sounds like it’s a limited run. They expect the devices in-house around May 8th.

The $599 pre-order price nets you the UMPC, spare battery, car kit and leather pouch: not a bad deal. I’m not in the market for one, but if I was, I’d be watching for James’ detailed impressions. He’s shown us a brief unboxing video of the Vilev S5 Premium, but I suspect there’s plenty more play-time hands-on with the device coming soon!



Hi James and JK readers…

I’ve been following your many posts on the Viliv and was wondering how upgrade friendly the device is? Did I miss this information in one of your posts? Specifically I was wondering if there are user accessible panels to upgrade the memory and hard disks.

This will be my next gadget purchase, James your damn reviews have cost me over 1K now….LOL

Keep up the great work, I’ll keep reading :)


if you factor in all the variables i think its a great price, device + multiple extra’s + Dynamism markup.

there are unlocked smartphones that cost more than this, and they only have a fraction of the capability.

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