Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Getting Capacitive Touch


nokia5800xpressmusic_6_lowresCompared to a capacitive touch display, I found the resistive touchscreen of Nokia’s 5800 XpressMusic phone to be harder to use. Although Nokia has moved more than 3 million 5800 handsets, they appear to be moving towards the more precise and easier-to-use capacitive displays like those used by Apple’s (s AAPL) iPhone and Palm’s (s PALM) Pre. DigiTimes breaks the news on this development, and I’m happy to hear it.

There are definitely markets where a resistive touch display are desirable: folks in Asian areas use them with character input, for example. But in other locations, the desire for a stylus and pressure sensitive touchscreen are on the decline. The 5800 comes with a guitar-pick in order to provide precise touch-points, but no matter what the shape of the stylus, it’s just something else to lose or get in the way. I think this is a great move for Nokia (s NOK), although I’d also like to see some enhancements to the S60 version on the 5800 that make the touch experience more appealing.

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