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Mobile Tech Minutes: First Look at Viliv S5 UMPC

[wpvideo pTIvBIQS w=500]

Wow, talk about surprised! The Viliv S5 that left Korea only yesterday showed up at Mobile Tech Manor this afternoon. This video gives you a first look at the S5 along with me as I had only just received it when this was shot. I will be shooting a better HD video soon but meanwhile give the S5 a look.

25 Responses to “Mobile Tech Minutes: First Look at Viliv S5 UMPC”

  1. I know you are getting a ton of requests but I’d love to know how Windows 7 beta runs on it. if only they could have included a 3G or WiMax as an option this would be perfect.

  2. James, that’s pretty nice device there. That’s to bad it doesn’t have a mic or video camera on it. Also no SD card, not a big deal but they should have included one. I was waiting to get one but decided on getting the Sony P, and keep using my Aigo, which has the micro SD, webcam, mic, and slide out keyboard. The keyboard is not the greatest, but works and is backlit. You are going to like how portable the Viliv is, I know I do when I take my Aigo on the road when I don’t want to carry anything big.

  3. BrackGaret

    James are you going to be in any local coffee shops showing the device off for those of us that want to try-before-buy (especially with such a high risk of love/hate relationships these devices tend to have).

    • I don’t have OneNote on it but I can tell you inking will not be good. The touch is very light and thus I can’t see inking working well on it. That’s not really what it’s designed for and remember, without XP Tablet Edition OneNote ink will not be searchable anyway.

  4. Dynamism claims that you can finally stream Hulu HD to it! This is a bold claim, since it uses the same processor as the Vaio P and that thing chokes on even low-def video.

    James, please let us know if this little guy can really pull it off!

    • James did you play it in full screen? I just watched some on the Sony P and they play good in the small screen but in full screen it slows down. Let us know how well it does in full screen. I do have Windows 7 on the P.

  5. Love that case with the belt-clip, but does the device have an SD slot? Is the hard drive one of those 1.8″ units? Looks like a nice unit, but I prefer a physical keyboard like the Fujitsu U820. What kind of battery times does it do James? Fill us in when you know more please!

    • Unfortunately it does not have a SD-Card slot, something many of these new devices just miss. They would be great as a companion for photography or video otherwise. Battery time should be at about 5 hours. did a good review some weeks back if you can’t wait for James.

    • The drive is 1.8″ and thus maxes out at 60 GB. I’ll be watching the battery time closely but gut feeling so far is around 5 hours which I’m happy with. BTW, the case does not have a belt clip. Too geeky if so. :)