Oprah Is Keeping Twitter Hot

Twitter Founder Ev Williams went on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to talk about his San Francisco-based micro-messaging startup, and in the process turned his red hot company hotter. It’s not clear how many people are going to sign up for the service following the broadcast of Oprah’s show (and her subsequent twittering), but one thing is for sure: It was going to test Twitter’s infrastructure. And so far, Twitter has passed with flying colors. As Rich Greenfield, analyst with Pali Capital wrote this morning: “Oprah is more of a ‘movement’ than a TV personality or entertainer (and the movement is called ‘Live Your Best Life’). Consumers across the world listen and absorb whatever Oprah does/says and today she has begun to Twitter.”

According to web site traffic monitoring service AlertSite, so far the Oprah bump hasn’t brought down Twitter’s web site, even though there was a significant increase in the response time for the site.┬áKen Godskind, chief strategy officer of AlertSite said: “Twitter didn’t behave any different because the Big O showed up and Twitter was holding up better today than earlier this month.” In other words, Twitter prepared well for the big event.