Graze: Netflix for Healthy Snacks?


grazeIn my post on whether coworking spaces could be profitable, I mentioned Graze, an innovative healthy snack delivery service that seems to be taking off here in the UK.

Many web workers are fixed to their desks for large portions of the day. Working from home means physical inactivity and snacking can make maintaining a healthy lifestyle a struggle.

Nutrition for knowledge workers is an interesting area that I feel hasn’t been given much attention, so Graze comes along at the right time.

Graze is best described as a “snack subscription,” a little like Netflix, but with snack boxes, rather than DVDs, arriving in the mail. So how does it work?

  • Sign up for a twice-weekly snack box, priced at £2.99 ($4.50) each. The service currently offers five pre-selected boxes (the choices are “eatwell,” “energy,” “wellbeing,” “preworkout” and “postworkout”) as well as the option of custom boxes.
  • Each box is delivered by first-class mail on days of your choosing.
  • You rate the items you receive at the Graze web site to fine-tune your taste profile. The company currently stocks 137 healthy food items, ranging from fresh fruit portions and nuts, to savory snacks, seeds and olives.
  • Subsequent boxes are tailored for your taste profile, based on your ratings and preferences for suggested items you’d like to try.

The online portion of the service is well-designed, with a minimum of fuss in ordering and rating items. Of the two boxes I’ve received so far, the quality of items has been great, although the boxes are quite small. Graze is equally sublime and absurd. There’s a part of me that’s thinking that people should get off their butts and go buy some food, but equally, there’s a problem of food literacy in the UK and services like Graze could help educate people about healthier options.

I’d really like to see Graze offer “brain food” mixes for knowledge workers with erratic working patterns and generally sedentary lives, but with jobs requiring high degrees of focus and concentration.  In fact, if there was a Graze for sushi, I’d be all over it!

Graze is offering new customers a free box and 50 percent off their second box. Just use the code Z5287VX when ordering.

I’m genuinely interested in the nutritional impact of such services and more broadly how people try to stay healthy with an untethered lifestyle. Do let us know your thoughts on this (and, of course, what you think of Graze!)



I’m super interested in Graze… and would love something like this except for the tiny problem of me living in the U.S.! Are there any services like this for the States?

Jon Moss

Imran, I’ve signed up and awaiting my first boxes this week coming.

I always struggle for nutritious food when working and in the groove. Too often I don’t eat or drink properly and I can feel myself getting either tired, grumpy, or both!

I’m a BIG fan of the Graze brand, model and website, so I really hope the product and service live up to my expectations!

Troy Peterson

This is great!… too bad it’s not available in the States.

I’ve focusing on this aspect of my life starting this past month. Even though I try to eat good foods, it’s very VERY difficult to loose weight when I spend 8-10 hrs a day on my arse in front of the computer.

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