ConvoTrack: Get the Buzz on Web Content


Recently, on the OStatic blog, we covered ConvoTrack, an easy-to-use free web app that allows you to track online conversations on social media sites related to content that you post or read. (Hat tip to TechCrunch for calling it out.) There is no download required to use it, just a simple adjustment to the prefix of any URL you are interested in tracking online conversations about. I’ve been using it on a daily basis, and I especially recommend it for anyone who writes online.

ConvoTrack is based on the BackType API, an open API for developing applications based on HTTP GET and POST requests. If that sounds awfully techie, ConvoTrack is anything but. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to WebWorkerDaily’s home page:

2. Before the http:// prefix in the address, type in

3. Hit Enter

If you follow those steps, this is the URL that should be in your browser’s address bar when you go to hit Enter: Soon after you hit Enter, ConvoTrack will automatically present you with a dual-paned view. On the left, you’ll see a running list of posts to social sites ranging from Twitter, to Digg, to FriendFeed, and more. In this example, the posts are chatter that involves WebWorkerDaily. (Give the application a bit of time after you hit Enter for your lookup.)

You can follow the same steps for the URL of any particular post or article online, by simply typing the prefix in before the URL of the story you’re interested in tracking chatter for. For WebWorkerDaily, a quick glance at the ConvoTrack list tells me that the story on Pogoplug is getting attention on Twitter, as is the story on finding the right people to follow on Twitter. There’s also a bookmarklet available to quickly get at the ConvoTrack list of any page.

Social media sites are now often the places people go to discuss content online, and ConvoTrack is a useful way to get a snapshot of the discussions very quickly. It’s also a polite application that gives you a Close button right on top of the lists it generates. I’m now using it every day.

What do you think of ConvoTrack?


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