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Apple Patents Reveal Plan To Adjust iPhone UI Based On User Activity

Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has published a couple of patents recently that indicate the company is looking to improve the function of the user interface for the iPhone. Specifically, the patents detail that the phone will use the accelerometer gyroscope, or proximity sensor to detect what the person holding the iPhone is doing — for example jogging versus standing still, or when the phone is in a handbag. The iPhone will then adjust its user-interface accordingly, making the elements in the screen larger so they’re easier to use when jogging or on a bouncing bus. “The filing also describes how the touch screen could increase the amount of pressure needed to initiate a command, thus preventing that “Damn, I didn’t mean to do that!” moment that can occur when your finger accidentally glances off the wrong area of your bouncing iPhone…Also, the device could learn from your mistakes.

For example, if you frequently exit an app immediately after accessing it, the system will assume that you’re a clumsy bozo who is frequently missing your target, and adjust itself accordingly. And if you consistently miss in the same direction, the system will scoot the interface icons’ touch sensitivity in that direction” reports The Register. The patents are here and here.