UMPC Runs on XP Embedded and VIA Nano

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samwell-sr659I often wonder why we don’t see UMPCs with an embedded operating system. File the Samwell SR569 under “better late than never” because it’s a new, rugged device that can indeed have the OS embedded. It runs Microsoft (s MSFT) Windows XPe (or XP Tablet Edition) and my guess is that it’s capable of booting in around 20 seconds if you go the XPe route. Typical of original UMPC devices, it uses a 7-inch touchscreen display for input but enjoys a facelift in the CPU department: the SR569 is powered by VIA’s 1.0GHz U1700 Nano.

Gone is the old 800×480 screen we suffered with in our UMPCs of yore. A more enjoyable 1024×600 display is prominent on this slate. Aside from all the other relatively standard specs, you can opt for either a 30GB hard drive or 16GB of SSD flash storage. There’s an 18-pin dock connector on the bottom as well, something I wish all UMPCs had back in the day. No word on pricing or availability just yet.

(via Mobility Site)

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Strangely, I am just rehabilitating my Tablet Kiosk eo7209 for mobile (car) use and bemoaning it’s shortfalls and making a wish list for it.
One of the problems with the 7209 was the screen res and the not-so-good inking experience.
Could this one be the answer? (if the price is right, unlike the $1,000+ 7209)

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