HTC Snap Surely Dashing to T-Mobile

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frontBack in early 2007, I hooked up with T-Mobile solely to get the Dash handset. I thoroughly enjoyed that device and I think HTC gave it an awesome update in the Snap. Now I feel the lure of a second T-Mo affair pulling at my heartstrings: Engadget Mobile caught sight of the Snap running the FCC gauntlet. We already knew that an unlocked version of this GSM phone would hit these parts as the HTC S522. What we didn’t know until now was that the device would support not just AT&T’s 3G network, but also T-Mobile’s 1700MHz band.

What would make this really lustful interesting is if the T-Mobile version supported UMA, or Unlicensed Mobile Access. As soon as Verizon (s VZ) lights the FiOS cables they buried in my yard last summer, we’re moving off DSL and dumping our landline. If the HTC Snap supports phone calls over Wi-Fi, I just might have to visit my ol’ flame.

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Brett Quam

I am really excited about this one. It has some horsepower and Wifi/BT/GPS/3G, which is rare in a WinMo standard phone. WinMo standard is rock solid compared to professional and this just looks like one terrific phone.

I see this one replacing my Moto Q9H as soon as it’s available.

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