Software Identifies Objects Aloud Using a Phone

One of the aspects of mobile technology I love to most see are those that help folks with an impairment of some type. And in this case, “seeing is believing.” Check the video demonstration of iVisit’s SeeScan demo application running on an HTC handheld sent to us from the Daily Mobile Blog. Using the phone’s camera, a visually impaired person can have the phone identify objects and read them aloud.

At first, I thought this solution was based solely on OCR, or Optical Character Recognition. Even if that’s all it was, I was impressed by how quickly it could “read” words, compute what they were and then speak them aloud on a relatively low powered mobile handset. There’s more to SeeScan than OCR, however: Folding up a $20 bill to hide the “20” and the word “dollars” yields the correct result with uncanny accuracy.

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