Gas Cubby Gets 2.0 Update


About two months following the pricing experiment by App Cubby’s David Barnard, Gas Cubby gets a 2.0 upgrade.

Gas Cubby provides a way to track gas mileage for your automobile. But more than that, all maintenance and other costs sunk into your vehicle are dutifully tracked as well. Tilt your iPhone horizontally and view graphs that can tell you how well your car is performing (or not), and how much of a drain on your wallet it may be. And my favorite feature: setup maintenance reminders so you don’t miss that oil change when the sticker falls off the inside of your windshield.

Here’s a listing of what Version 2 adds to Gas Cubby:

  • Online Sync – backup your data (useful if migrating from Lite and Full versions)
  • Custom Service Reminders – remember to change your pine tree air freshener
  • Data entry shortcuts – move through data entry in succession rather than back and forth
  • Gas Stats Chart – quick look at all stats numbers
  • Swipe navigation of Detail view – no need to back out to list of entries first
  • Date filter buttons for charts – narrow your view based on time frame
  • Line for averages in charts – your average results
  • Custom Octane ratings – in case fuel is different in your neck of the woods
  • Setting for calculator style number pad – a change of scenery if you like
  • Badge icon for past due service reminders – visual reminder from the home screen

As I’ve been among the beta testers for Gas Cubby 2.0, I can say the updated features are nice. This already polished app has received a solid handful of features, making it even nicer to use. Would I call it a pleasure to track my vehicle’s statistics? Actually, I would.

As in the past, I definitely recommend Gas Cubby if you’re looking for a good way to keep your vehicle’s records up to date. Grab your own copy from the App Store for $9.99, or try out the Lite version for free.