Coworking Wrap-Up


We’ve been running a series of posts on the topic of coworking — the growing movement of independent café-like collaboration spaces for freelance professionals — over the past few weeks. Coworking is an increasingly popular option for the independent web worker because working in proximity with other creative professionals brings many advantages: networking opportunities, synergies and cross-pollination of ideas. It also increases social interaction, reducing the sense of isolation felt by many web workers.

Here’s a summary of the great posts in this series.


Pamela profiles New Work City, an innovative coworking space in Manhattan.

A look at the Coworking Visa project, an exchange program that lets members of participating communities work at other coworking centers without having to pay the fees.

Darrell explains that you don’t need to join a coworking community (or set up your own) to get some of the benefits. Find another person to work with and you might eliminate some of the isolation of the web worker lifestyle, but it won’t resemble the office job you might have felt trapped by.

Aliza examines coworking options for those in rural places, including a look at “video coworking.”

Coworking spaces are in demand, yet usually they need to be subsidized by a sponsor, or at best just break even. Imran suggests some innovative ways to raise revenue without raising the fees or compromising the community’s values.

Imran gives a brief tour of some of the highlights from WebWorkerDaily’s coworking archives.


Dawn talks to Eve Schweber, co-founder and “Chief Cat Herder” of CubeSpace in Portland. They discuss her motivations for starting CubeSpace, the challenges thtey;r’ve faced and the future of coworking.

Imran interviews Stephanie Booth, founder of Eclau (pronounced eck-lo), coworking space in Lausanne, Switzerland. They talk about the founding of Eclau, her ideas for the future and key pieces of advice for anyone interested in starting their own coworking space.

A video interview with co-founder of Independents Hall (colloquially known as IndyHall) a coworking space in Philadelphia. Imran spoke with Alex about his motivations for bootstrapping IndyHall, the experience of running the community, his hopes for the future and advice for others.

Imran talks to James Ward, a “digital coach” based out of the Old Broadcasting House coworking community in Leeds in Northern England. they discuss the positive impact that coworking has had on James’s professional life and his advice to others considering coworking.

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