Nokia’s 5800 Combined With Comes With Music A “Big Hit”





Aloha from Hawaii. My name is Tim, aka Cellular-Decay.

I'm a Computer, Gadget geek from way back. Besides computers and gadgets, I also enjoy photography, snorkeling and SCUBA diving, fast cars and even faster women (or is that the other way around?). Just kidding about the fast women, so no offense to the ladies here. Wink I also enjoy astronomy, and being a computer, gadget geek, of course I also like video games.

In spite of my fascination with gadgets, I only recently got into fancy cell phones ("smart" phones). I used to carry a basic phone and a PDA, because I didn't like what was available in "convergence" devices. It just seemed like they were too much of a compromise.

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic "Tube" seems to have changed my mind, since my old Razr and Zodiac have been collecting dust lately. There are things the Zodiac did better, but I'm still early in the learning curve for the 5800, and I'm pretty confident that with some more time (and applications) I will find it easy to forget the old Z.

There are, of course, lots of things the 5800 does better, so even if I can't totally forget the Z, I'm sure I won't have any regrets.

Oh well..I hang out at a lot. take care all. See ya 'round.

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