Mobile Content Bits: NBC Video; PayPass Trial; Nokia-Orange; Bauer Media; Trend Micro IPhone Browser


NBC serves up record mobile video streams:’s mobile website served 2.4 million video streams in Q1, which is more than the total number of streams served in all of last year, according to the network. The last quarter was the mobile site’s highest quarter so far, with 24 million pageviews, a 64 per cent increase over Q408. In comparison, NBC Rewind, the broadcast network’s media player launched in 2006, has served its one billionth full-episode stream. Release

PayPass Trial Ends In Canada: An NFC mobile payments trial involving Mastercard PayPass, Bell Mobility and Citi Cards Canada has ended. It went for four months involving 75 employees of the company: The average transaction amount during the trial was just under $20. The objective is to “achieve a common gateway and standardized consumer experience for mobile payments”. There’s no word on when it’s going to go commercial.

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) Messaging By Orange: Orange and Nokia are expanding their partnership to include a push e-mail product, unfortunately named “Nokia Messaging by Orange”. It lets Orange customers aggregate up to 10 personal e-mail accounts, and will launch first in the UK, followed by France and Spain.

Bauer Media in mobile ad sales deal: Mobile ad sales firm 4th Screen Advertising has struck a 12 month exclusive partnership with UK publishing and broadcast group Bauer Media to sell mobile inventory around its FHM, Zoo and Heat brands. 4th Screen Advertising will sell Bauer Media’s mobile inventory and serve mobile advertising campaigns, which will run both on and off portal. (Release)

Trend Micro IPhone Browser: Trend Micro has released a a free iPhone applications that incorporates its Smart Protection Network (SPN) into the Safari browser to protect users from malicious websites while surfing the web on the device reports VentureBeat. There’s a progress bar which changes color depending on the site’s rating — a check mark for safe sites, a grey bar for unrated ones and a red bar and blocked page for unsafe sites. There are three different security levels.

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival On AT&T: AT&T (NYSE: T) has announced it will be showing “select archived performances” 2009 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival after the event via MobiTV, after showing the whole thing online. (release)

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