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Vid-Biz: Ponzi Schemes, AMG 3D, Old Jews

YouTube Fertile Ground for Ponzi Schemes; the Better Business Bureau says there are nearly 23,000 pyramid scheme videos on YouTube that have racked up more than 59 million views. (Ars Technica)

AMG Switching to All 3D; network will broadcast in three dimensions all the time, will require users to get an add-ons to make the service work in the home. (Variety)

Did You Hear the One About Old Jews Telling Jokes Going to Home Video? First Run Features picks up the rights to the web series. (The Hollywood Reporter)

New Devices to Show off Mobile Video at NAB Next Week; Open Mobile Video Coalition’s booth to show a Dell netbook with integrated “ATSC mobile DTV,” as well as DTV-capable mobile phones. (Broadcasting & Cable)

YouTube Symphony Orchestra to Perform Tonight; musicians from around the world have gathered for their big show at Carnegie Hall to play “Internet Symphony, Eroica.” (YouTube Blog)