Silently Track Your Family Members With AT&T FamilyMap

AT&T (s t) has unveiled a new service for family plan customers, FamilyMap, that has interesting implications. For $10/month customers can track the location of any two phones on their plan, for $15/month any five phones can be tracked. The tracking uses phone GPS for those that have it and triangulation for those lacking GPS. The FamilyMap tracking is done silently, with tracked phones receiving a text message once a month to let them know they are being watched.


This service is creepy for sure, and there is little doubt there is ample room for customer abuse. It’s likely only a matter of time before we hear about AT&T customers spying on their spouses to find out what they’re up to. On the flip side, I can imagine that parents will be able to keep an eye on their kids to make sure they are where they are supposed to be at all times. Like most new technology there are two sides to the FamilyMap service and time will tell how it shakes out. Would you use this on your family?

(via TechBlog)