RoboForm Online Keeps Passwords in Sync

RoboForm OnlineWe have written volumes about password management here at WWD. The nature of our work, mobility and reliance on data in the cloud certainly makes it an important issue. I have long been a fan of the RoboForm Password Manager. Its ability to securely generate and remember the hundreds of passwords I maintain has been indispensable to me.

Up until recently, though, one of the challenges with using RoboForm has been easily keeping my passwords in sync on multiple machines. I resolved that issue by using the brilliant DropBox service to store my profiles, which is working just flawlessly for me. I noticed today, however, that the fine folks at Siber are currently beta testing a new service called RoboForm Online.

RoboForm Online utilizes Siber’s GoodSync software to facilitate the backup and synchronization of your password and profile data through their servers. Data is transferred securely between locations, and the encryption of your profile files is maintained. Setting a master password to access any RoboForm data is good practice, even if just used on a local machine.

The benefits are obvious: You can access your passwords in multiple locations as well as maintaining a backup of what is critical data.

Before I discovered and implemented my DropBox sync solution, I would have jumped all over this service. They are a little late to the party, though. Other services like Xmarks (formerly Xmarks) have already gained good traction as options in this space.

For me, now that I already have a workable solution, I don’t see much benefit to moving. But if you’re a current RoboForm Pro user getting started with multiple machines, this is a good option.

I’ve looked at other password management options and I’ve yet to find one that works as well for me as RoboForm. Honestly, the fact that it doesn’t support Chrome or Opera is the main reason I still use Firefox as my preferred browser. It really is the program I can’t live without.

RoboForm Online is currently in a free beta for licensed users of RoboForm Pro. You’ll need your Order ID to register.

Learn more or sign up for RoboForm Online.

How do you manage and maintain your passwords?


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