Make Your Own Personal Cloud With Pogoplug

While I had sworn off spending willy-nilly on new gizmos in 2009, it looks like the $99-dollar Pogoplug is going to test my self-control. Why? It turns any USB-enabled drive into a personal storage locker accessible over the Internet. The little device hooks up to a local storage device via USB and can be connected to a broadband connection via a router. Simply go to a special web site to set up the device and boom! You’ve got access to all the contents of your local drive, right off the Internet. You can even get to them via an iPhone, though the preview functionality isn’t great.

You can easily share files, including photos, with friends and family off the local drive itself. The concept behind Pogoplug is quite similar to that of Fabrik, a storage company that worked with disk drive makers like Maxtor by embedding its software on the drives and allowing people to share those drives online. But Pogoplug is much simpler, and it will work on pretty much any USB drive without the need for special software.

Kevin Tofel, co-editor of our sister site jkOnTheRun, took it for a spin and was blown away by its Apple-like ease of set-up and use. So far I have used Buffalo’s LinkStation as a network-attached storage device with web access. With it, I can turn my G Technology’s G-Mini Drive into a web drive.