Is This the New Microsoft ZuneHD?


Image Credit: WMPowerUser

Image Credit: WMPowerUser

Rumors of a new Microsoft (s MSFT) Zune device have been floating around for a few weeks now and more purported pics and specs appear every few days. This latest image comes from WMPowerUser and shows a thin device that’s all display. That’s great for a portable media player and what I’d expect in a next generation Zune. The site contends that the 16:9 screen is a capactive touchscreen that uses OLED, or Organic Light Emitting Diodes.

In lieu of the standard FM radio in the original Zunes, the new ZuneHD will allegedly support HDRadio; if true, I think that it’s one of the first (if not the first) handheld HDRadio tuners out there. There’s also talk of the device running Windows Mobile 7 and hitting the market the fall of this year. That sounds sketchy to me since Windows Mobile 6.5 is just about to hit the market before that.

In any case, there’s probably some bits that are true and some that are false in all the ZuneHD talk right now. I do expect a new Zune-capable device that’s integrated with Windows Mobile; perhaps Zune support in phone devices rather than another standalone PMP. I’d like to see what the picture reflects, but I’m no longer sold on buying a device that can only play music and video when my phone can do the same.



I have to agree with Kevin, now that my BB can do all that a stand alone PMP does I just wouldn’t be in the market for a Zune, iPod, or other MP3 player. I have 16GB in my BB and have music videos, music, and documents in my phone.


“I’m no longer sold on buying a device that can only play music and video when my phone can do the same.”

Except when your phone company (T-Mobile) breaches their contract, screws the end user (me) and leaves me without a working phone (that had everything I need in a day on it).

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for integration and would love a do-it-all device. But the way today’s monopolistic telcos work I and many others are starting to see that going back to just a basic phone with no strings attached is a smarter choice. Especially when having a separate pocket pc, video, music player let’s me do whatever I want with it, not worry about draining the battery when a call comes in, and having more freedom in choosing how I make/receive my calls.

So for now, I’m happy carrying my $20 prepaid Nokia phone in my shirt pocket and my souped-up pocket pc on my belt. iPhone users laugh all you like – I am back in control of my life, and my wallet!


I couldn’t agree more with Robert, but the alternative is carrying a stack of charged batteries around with me and rebooting every time I stick a new battery in.

Listening to the odd mp3, surfing a bit of the internet, using the GPS briefly or taking a few photos is great on the phone, but is rather pointless if it is then left with a few hours of battery life.

Until the technology improves I will continue to carry a separate camera, mp3 player and GPS device.


Unless battery life gets better I am fine having two separate devices.

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