Ingredients List for Apple’s New iPhone Published


picture-15Normally DigiTimes is content to just let the information leak out in a slow but steady stream leading up to the WWDC, but this time the Taiwanese news and rumors site has completely given up the goat in one fell swoop, instead of pacing themselves. They’ve published a list of various part makers for the upcoming iPhone revision from Apple (s appl), in a convenient, easy-to-digest table form no less. They’ve done everything but build the thing, basically.

As was previously reported, Samsung and Toshiba will be supplying the massive volumes of NAND flash required for the “iPhone 3.0”, and OmniVision will provide the 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor for the new iPhone camera. Missing from the list of components is that key ingredient, the processor(s?). The components are meant to be assembled into an initial order of 5 million iPhones and shipped by May 2009, which would give Apple ample buffer time to get things ready for WWDC on June 7.

DigiTimes may not have a perfect track record when it comes to Apple rumors, but at this point the amount of evidence piled up on the side of a new iPhone is pretty much insurmountable. In fact, the nature of the list revealed yesterday by DigiTimes seems to suggest that Apple is not unaware that supplier details are being leaked, and probably supports some evidence being spread around in order to build consumer anticipation for the new device. The key omission of information regarding the most hotly anticipated hardware component, the CPU, which some speculate could be dual-core, and the rumored GPU indicates to me that Apple is very much in control of what information is and isn’t made available for public consumption.



I am looking for wholesale suppliers of all iphone parts and accessories for a local only repair business in Indiana. any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks, Tracy

Howard Weaver

WTF is “given up the goat”? Don’t you have editors?


hope that iphone 3.0 would have a graphics chip that is on par or better than the ones found on a psp.

alex osbourn

Yes you did see CDMA but no dreaming.. it isnt for other carriers here.. It is for the many carriers overseas as well as for the iPhone’s first release in the UAE

Joel Thoman

Did I see CDMA in there, Verizon or Spring anyone? or is this for foreign carriers? A guy can dream.

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