Atlona Refutes the Death of Wireless USB With the AT-HDAiR

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at-hdair1Like many other promising technologies, Wireless USB hasn’t really gained the traction many would have hoped. There’s still a few specialized uses for it, however, and local video transfer is one. In fact, Atlona Technologies is set to offer just such a device next month at an MSRP of $199. Since I don’t have any docks and I’m not a fan of the many cables I have at the home office, the AT-HDAiR sounds appealing.

The device uses a rather large USB adapter for your Microsoft (s MSFT) Windows-based computer and pipes the video output to a base station connected to an external monitor. The AT-HDAiR can shoot video up to 30 feet in resolutions up to 1440×1050. Video signals from your computer are sent to the base station, which supports both VGA and HDMI connections.

Sounds great, but there’s a downside: The AT-HDAiR supports video only, not audio. Ideally, I’d like to see (or hear) it support sound so I could connect my external Bose speakers to the same base station. That would rid me of another cable tethered to my netbooks and notebooks.

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The display adapter set streams video and works very well, not jeopardizing the quality of the video. Regarding the audio, the new model which is expected around September 09 will also support audio.

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