An Offer From SUBERNOVA for WWD Readers


SUBERNOVA is a brand-new online project management app for freelancers that helps to manage projects and clients, track time, and keep tabs on milestones and invoices. Unlike many of the project management apps we’ve seen, it’s built in Flash (s adbe) and the interface looks very sleek.


After a 30-day free trial, SUBERNOVA normally costs $120 per year, although the 40 percent launch discount means that a year’s subscription is currently priced at $72. But today Hex, the folks behind the SUBERNOVA app, have kindly offered full one-year licenses to the first six WebWorkerDaily readers to comment on this post.



Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback. SUBERNOVA is useful to freelancers when they have multiple projects to manage, by recording everything into the app it lets them focus on the actual work itself. Setting a date to projects and it’s milestones (milestones can be treated like tasks) will have them reminded via email so they won’t miss anything.

Among other features like the very easy to use time tracking feature, the most useful feature is that if you are sending out invoices manually, meaning if you’re not using any invoicing web apps for that matter, you can set the app to automatically remind your clients of payment until you get paid. All you need to do is to set the project as “Invoiced”, input the sent date and the invoice number, the system will remind your clients for you every 30, 60 and 90 days, until you set the project as “Paid”. By setting the project as “Paid”, you’ll be able to send a thank you note to your client with a custom message right from the app.

You can say this app primarily lets you “set it and forget it”, so that you remain stress free knowing that you’ll never miss any tasks or any payment.


Just created my account. It is not a replacement for Basecamp yet.
However, its nice clean lines give clear reminder that you have some work to do, get on with it.

Thanks for the license. Will enjoy giving feedback.

Jason Monastra

Great post, innovative tools for our people and sub-contractors I always enjoy bringing to their attention. Thanks for bringing this to light.

Simon Mackie

Great response, thanks everyone. I’ll send the email addresses of the first six commenters to SUBERNOVA; they should be in touch to set up your licenses.


In the days of recession it would be paramount to manage projects optimally and for freelancers even more, Would be great to have a license


I would love to try this as I just started my own company. Are there any licenses left?

Thanks a ton

Zachary Blaine Kent

I am building a small team of developers so we could definitely use something like this.

Scott Adamson

After looking at the site, this is wonderful. The design is smooth, the interface is tight – it is pulling me to the web site (from the local admin).

Phil Klafta

I’ve tried several other project manager tools but seem to always default back to using a spreadsheet. I’d like to give Supernova a try to see if it change my mind once and for all.


Well I have three new projects I can try it out with. Does WWD want a write up as well?
I am looking for a new tool and one of my concerns is the clients experience of the it. As that reflects on their experience of my service.

Nik Thierry

Perfect as I’ve just set up my own business and I want to stay paperless. An account would be a great bonus!

Charles Hamilton

We’re always interested in managing projects. Would like to get a license.

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