Sirius Debt Gets An Upgrade (All The Way To CCC+)


Sirius XM (NSDQ: SIRI) debt is still considered junk, but Standard & Poor has given the company cause for a little cheer, upgrading its credit rating to CCC+ from CCC. Sirius is, of course, still has a whole host of problems, but S&P analyst Hal Diamond cited “increased comfort with the company’s near-term liquidity needs,” a reference to Liberty’s recent investment of $530 million.



To: the person that that says "FROM: NEW INVESTOR SHOULD BE CALLED NEW TRADER.

when I said I dumped a bunch of money in today, it wasn't at .50 cents, it was at .41 cents, sold it on Friday at .60 cents at 10am. you have to keep an eye on this stuff, especially penny stocks where they can fluctuate so much in an hour. Its surprising what a news article can do to a stock price. so once again who says SIRI is a bad investment, I just made a quick buck in a day… watch this stock next week and see what it does. I bet its going up again. real investors make money and take the risk if they know what they are doing, it doen't mean that SIRI will be a quick buck for ever. This is not the only stock I own, I do diversify.


I own over 600,000 shares of siri.I purcased them at 5 cent a share.Should i sell or hold out?


Sorry, It was a SIXTY dollar a share stock. Now it's a company with absolutely no operating profits, valued at 25,000% higher than its actual worth (which will continue to drop with no discernible profit until they dip into negative equity value again and their rating will be forced to downgrade again) which will be the kiss of death. The only thing keeping them barely alive is the fact that interest rates are so low due to the fed trying to stimulate growth. The second interests rates are raised that will be the kiss of death.

new investor should be called

Why would you pay 0.50 for a company that has an actual value of 0.002 per share? It's lunacy. Sirius was a good trade, except for the fact that it WAS a 20.00 a share stock and has crumbled since then and now does not even have tangible equity value. That is why Sirius is a bad investment.

This company will file bankruptcy and the common stockholders will be liquidated in the restructuring in the long term. Please feel free to continue to toy with fire, real investors don't take such risks though.


I also must say the jump is great. Early this year, at .08/share, I jumped in because I own 3 receivers with them and knew that the merger with XM eliminated the competition … today it is at .49 cents when the 1 yr guess was only .50.

I figured at the time I was only out $60 (400 shares) … how I have more than doubled :-).

Happy days are finally here again … now if my 403.b retirement account will only follow in kind ;-)

new investor

I just dumped a bunch of money into SIRI this morning, this is a stock to watch, its going to jump hudge in the next couple of weeks, and I'm going to make a bundle of money once again, follow my lead if you dare!

*and oh ya, David Wilcox cant suck ass!

new investor

Bought 45,000 shares of SIRI at 11cents, sold recently, made $10,000. Who says Siruis is a bad investent?

serb master1

SIRI Goes through the roof after MEL spills the beans! good luck too all longs.


Clear Channel has $18 BILLION in DEBT. They will file BK and will fire Rory Maher soon!


.05 week of Feb 10-15 2009.
Wish I would have got in then.

They were going to file bankruptcy the next day. Angel investor bailed them out at the 11th hour.

Ogie Oglethorpe

I could take a shit in a toilet and have better content than you guys.

Dave Wilcox

Bunch of worthless hacks…..You've just won the "Here's a dollar, go buy yourself a shot of Shut the F*ck Up" award. Seriously, quit wasting our f'n time.


I think siri will go up with in the next 2 weeks stocks should go up . So fuck all of you oh think that they will not make it.

frome Casey





I thought you guys went out of business.

Why don't you talk about Clear Channel's debts.

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