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Music Firm Passalong Networks To Shut Down

Music-distribution company Passalong Networks is shutting down, according to Digital Music News. The publication reports that CEO Dave Jaworski has left and that the company’s properties, including download platform StoreBlocks, are being put up for sale. A spokeswoman didn’t respond to an e-mail or call seeking comment. Jaworski told in December that he was trying to raise $30 million in additional funding, in part to pay off debt. The company has raised $40 million since it was established in 2002.

8 Responses to “Music Firm Passalong Networks To Shut Down”

  1. Most of the MP3 songs on my Sandisk MP3 Player, were from Passalong, I purchased the songs, therefore I purchased the rights, but cannot play from my computer….What are we to do?

  2. seamus151

    I have two files that I bought from passalong that I can’t play. I hadnt played them in ages and I don’t have the license for them anymore… what now?

  3. This situation is beyond deplorable, that the former founder still has a business life (Jaworski!), leaving people in the lurch with no possibility of being remedied or at least given a chance to get some music they have paid for. They should have given people A:) Refunds or B:) an alternative site where folks could go to get songs from.
    Class action lawsuit?
    I’d be interested enjoining.

  4. I was going to refer this site ( PassAlong) to a friend I had not seen in a long time. As a rule, normally do not like to download songs from sites specially the "Free" for the extreme danger of also inheriting other unwanted files along with it, and then I found PassAlong….what a great platform, I was happy….although not a heavy site user (Usually too busy working and not enough time for pleasure or leisure time) when I needed a song, I never hesitated to go to my bookmarked site. Well, must tell you this is very sad to hear, I just do not understand and would like to know more as for what are the reasons that Dave Jaworski took this decision and left us all out on the cold…I would have paid a little more for a song in it that's what it took to keep it alive.

  5. was really one of the best places online to get music. We always appreciated being able to buy music without any monthly premium obligations. Not to mention they didn't send a whole bunch of junk mail after you registered with them like other services. They'll be missed.

  6. max parker

    holy screaming buttmonkeys…… This has been the only music company online that I like….. This sucks

    Max Parker
    "It's never to late to have a happy childhood"
    Berkely Breathed