Nokia’s 5800 Dubbed ‘Poor Man’s iPhone’ (Yes, That’s A Compliment)


image It may not be the most fulsome of praise, but at this point, with Nokia (NYSE: NOK) expected to report a hit in sales tomorrow, the world



How about an appropriately priced handset as compared to a overpriced for the market handset in North America? Why not subsidize the iphone to Free? Let's see how long Apple stays in the market…oh or how about letting it be a "Free" market as it is for basically the rest of world. Let people see all the Handsets available. It it truly amazing how the media has completely distorted reality about new mfg of handsets. Nokia is still the leader in the handset industry and if you speak with people within the carriers you will still get a majority of people attesting to Nokia handset quality, reliablity, and ease of use.. yes the mantra but true! Open Source … like Apple and Google were the first.. please tell the truth and look at Symbian and it's reliablity and efficient design for the mobile platform. I'm not saying that Apple and Google don't have their benefits just play fair in the arena and speak the truth not what you want to be "the truth". The Nokia 5800 Music Xpress has blown away the iphone sales within only a few months.


nokia 5800's are anything but a poor mans iphone, i have both the iphone and the nokia and the iphone is useless, all it can do is hold music and take pictures plus the random apps, but nokia is everything in a normal phone plus more, and its touchscreen. i do not like my iphone one bit, but thats just my opinion.


The Nokia, has better phone unit, better battery life, much better camera, a lot of functions out of the box (MMS…)

so the Nokia is the poor mans phone

iPhone is a beautiful media device, SHITTY phone, and OVERCHARGED

Tero Kuittinen shitty analyst


I disagree that it's a poor man's iphone. It's not clunky. Don't compare it to the iphone. This is way way better than you think. The iphone is the only-looks-touch-conscious-mans-phone.

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