Broadband Content Bits: Eyes UK, Free Streets By Tweet, OnTheBox US, Ministry

0 Comments CBS (NYSE: CBS) Interactive’ eponymous US Hulu rival would like to launch in the UK – but it’s not on the horizon. CBSi product manager Geoff Inns (Via NMA): “Naturally we’d like to, but it depends on whether it matches the objectives of the broadcasters. Ideally that content has a place on but I think the UK and US are very different environments. The US is a bit more straightforward in that it’s being led by and Hulu, whereas in the UK post-Kangaroo the broadcasters are still re-evaluating their plans.”

Free Streets by tweet: Well, not really by tweet, but nearly – The Streets’ Mike Skinner, via his iPhone, says: “I am going to tweet 3 new songs this week. I can’t be bothered with all this trying to sell you music. It wastes valuable time.” An hour later: “I’m gonna be in so much trouble.” Later that evening: “I think i regret saying I’d post 3 new songs.” MusicAlly reckons it’s just a pre-album viral campaign. Here’s the first track.

OnTheBox US: Vertical content publisher Media Corporation has unveiled an American version of its OnTheBox UK TV guide site. The company also operates, UKHTV and other sites. The site includes listings for 200 channels. Release.

Ministry Of Sound: The dance brand’s consumer website has gone back online, after going down when music ecommerce vendor Trinity Street collapsed in February. The company has now taken the site in-house and hired a team of four. MusicAlly.

Bebo: AOL-owned social network Bebo is looking for ad partners for the third series of its teen online-only drama series Sofia’s Diary which goes into production this month. The show, produced by BeActive and licensed by Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures TV, has attracted 2.45 million views since its March 2008 launch. Bebo is now looking to the ad market to fund its web TV ventures entirely, rather that fund production costs itself and as with previous series brands are being offered the chance to be integrated with the show’s plot.

WAYN: British social network Where Are You Now (WAYN) is re-launching next week with a new focus on Twitter-style short status updates. The four-year-old site is based around travel advice and networking, but the site’s founders admit most of its 15 million members don’t travel very much, so it wants to host conversation about where people would like to go instead. From Once a pioneer in the pre-smart phone mobile TV space, Mobitv is considering a return to Europe two years after closing its UK operations and effectively ending its presence outside North America. In an interview CEO Charlie Noonan says that although the company overstretched itself abroad, it is now looking again at the international picture and is “having discussions in Europe right now”. Via

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