The Twilight Problem: Why Metered Broadband Could Suck


When it comes metered broadband, most consumers don’t understand how its implementation could affect what it costs them to download content. So I decided to compare how much, depending on which of the nation’s top ISPs’ metered bandwidth plans you choose, it would cost to rent the teen vampire flick Twilight. And what did I find? That in almost all cases, the decision to download the movie will cost more than just the $3.99 rental fee — between 65 cents and $20.60 more. For more on the math and the costs under each ISP, check out the story at GigaOM.


Devon Young

Yeah see, this whole metered broadband thing that Time-Warner is bringing to my area (Rochester, NY) in the coming months….is making me look for other broadband options. At this point, I’ll even take a worse deal with a competitor, in order to avoid the metered internet thing.

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