Supercomputing Takes to the Cloud

The promise of cloud computing has come not only to web startups seeking cheap storage for photos or a way to handle a viral hit without owning a data center, but to big industry, thanks to Tata and folks using Amazon to offer supercomputing as a service. John West over at HPCWire pointed me to this story about Computational Research Laboratories, a Tata Sons’ subsidiary that’s offering its Eka supercomputer through the cloud to companies such as Boeing.

Earlier this month, Amazon unveiled MapReduce for its cloud, which provides a supercomputer-like ability to manage and thus crunch large data sets in Amazon Web Services. Other researchers are offering their data and software for supercomputing jobs via Amazon’s EC2 as well. So while folks may consider cloud computing good for startups and side projects in the enterprise, scientists and R&D groups are taking the cloud for a spin. Given that trends in supercomputing hit the mainstream IT industry sooner or later, efforts made here will be playing out in the corporate world sooner than we think.


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