Kindle 2 Causing Eye Strain?


amazon-kindle1You know how it is: A company upgrades their mobile device and it doesn’t take long before unintended results from the changes start rising up from the web. That’s what Amazon (s amzn) is seeing with the new Kindle 2. The new e-book reader has an improved screen that displays pages using 16 levels of grayscale, an improvement over the measly four levels of the first Kindle. Amazon has tweaked the Kindle 2 font system, too, and therein lies the problem that some owners are reporting.

It seems that the new fonts and display are causing some owners to experience eye strain. It’s pretty significant, too, as some owners are choosing to downgrade to the original Kindle.  I don’t remember anyone ever lodging similar complaints against the first Kindle.

The problem is more noticeable at the smallest font sizes on the Kindle 2; one user has even hacked the K2 to use a different font method to deal with the problem. The Kindle forums are full of conversation about this problem so check it out if you were wondering why your new Kindle 2 is making you crazy.

(via Wired)



Gosh darn-it! I was hoping to feel even a little bit of sour grapes, but the thing looks so cool, a little eye strain from some quarters doesn’t do a thing for my envy. I still want one.



Were these complaints from previous Kindle owners or persons who were new to Kindles?


i agree, no problems with eye fatigue here, i love my kindle2… i just wonder how long before the first lame-ass multi million class action lawsuit because of the alleged eye fatigue? you gotta love the american judicial system!!


Nonsense. I am a “senior” and have read 15 books on my Kindle 2. My body tires after exercise, but my eyes are not fatigued from reading. That is a total misconception.

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