Gabble, Gabble Hey! HP Gets Into Video Sharing

Hewlett-Packard (s HPQ) thinks it has a clever online video idea. According to the Bits blog, HP’s new Gabble isn’t trying to take on YouTube directly, rather, it is focused on letting you share videos with only the people you want.

You know, just like Viddyou, Vimeo, Motionbox, Facebook and, oh yeah, YouTube. In fact, Facebook has been extraordinarily successful with personal video lately, generating 415,000 video uploads per day.

This is my favorite paragraph from Bits:

Of course, you can tweak the privacy settings on YouTube or Facebook to do much the same thing. But H.P. tells says that defaulting to private videos makes life easier on the average person. Make of that argument what you will.

Evidently, this is part of HP’s spaghetti strategy, throwing out a bunch of online services until one of them’s a hit. If Gabble takes off quickly, it’ll get support, if not it’ll get taken down pretty quickly. Nothing like the looming threat of disappearance to inspire confidence in consumers looking for a home for their cherished memories.