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FastScale Lands $5.5M for Virtualization Value-Add

If you haven’t heard of FastScale Technology, consider yourself put on notice, as the Santa Clara, Calif.-based maker of dynamic data center tools just completed a $5.5 million Series B funding round. FastScale’s flagship solution, Composer Suite, breaks enterprise software down to its smallest possible components to form a repository; when users deploy new applications on their machines (virtual or physical), Composer provisions the software stack using only the necessary components. The company claims it creates stacks up to 99 percent smaller than a traditional “golden image” (e.g. 30MB vs. 3GB for Red Hat Enterprise Linux). This means one physical server can house many more virtual machines, and the software stack loads a heck of a lot faster.

When I last spoke with FastScale in May, however, it only supported VMware (s vmw) on the virtualization side (also a technology partner), which could be a problem as openness and flexibility become bigger issues. However, VP of Product Management Jerry McLeod told me back then that XenServer and Hyper-V support are part of the plan. But as its new millions illustrate, a lack of broad virtual machine support hasn’t dampened interest in FastScale. The company also was a rumored acquisition target for Sun Microsystems (s java) in June 2008, and last week it garnered praise for releasing a cloud version of its product.

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