Backblaze for Mac Now Live


Last December we pointed you to cloud-based backup solution, Backblaze. At the time it was only in beta release for Mac, but today that changes. Head on over and try Backblaze out for yourself, as it’s now open to the public.

There are several options in this space, but Backblaze approaches the backup issue from an exclusionary perspective. If you’re scratching your head at that explanation, try this. Rather than having to select all the files and folders that you believe you want to keep safe via backup, Backblaze assumes you want it all by default. It’s then up to you to filter out specific files and folders, and clip out media types and file sizes that you want Backblaze to ignore.

For only $5 per month, you get unlimited backup for a single computer (and connected drives). If you’re unsure — that’s a sweet deal. Restoring from their webpage is easy, and you can browse your backed-up file tree if you just need a specific file. You may opt to download zip files of your data, or pay for DVD media or USB hard drives with your restore data.

As with any backup solution, I feel that real-world examples help to illustrate the importance of this practice. Our data is important to us, and I don’t have to tell you that the majority resides on our computers. Personally, I don’t want to lose my family pictures, paid-for music downloads, and financial docs, so I backup religiously. Good thing, too, because just two weeks ago my 6-month-old unibody MacBook’s factory hard drive died a miserable death. Luckily, my backup was only three days old. Except for some local bookmarks and Macheist apps, nothing was lost.

So try Backblaze out for yourself. If it’s not for you, keep trying other options as well. Because I guarantee that sooner or later you too will be bitten by the dead hard drive. When that time comes, you’ll either be thanking me, or see me vividly in your dreams saying, “I told you so.” Maybe the latter is a bit much, but don’t wait and see for yourself!