Archive Tweets or Pics with Evernote’s Twitter Integration


Just yesterday I was having a video conversation with Lance Ulanoff about Twitter. He’s the editor-in-chief of and we were both guests on the TechVi show. Lance made a good point about Twitter really being an infrastructure product and that third-party tools are really making the service shine. Enter the news from Evernote, courtesy of our GottaBeMobile friends.

You can now link your Evernote and Twitter accounts by following @myEN to get the instructions by way of direct message. Once linked, you can archive any of Twitter tweets or DMs in Evernote by including @myEN in the text. The service also works with photos through the TwitPic service.



This whole ‘Twitterization’ of everything electronic is really quite sad in a way. I was listening to Bloomberg radio the other morning when there was a huge gap of dead air – the host then explained that he now has to send ‘tweets’ during the show and thus we should get used to it.


I think I’m officially done with technology for a while, if this is the best that Silicon Valley can come up with.

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