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Manhour: Track the Value of Your Time


Last month, Aelgo launched the latest revision of its Manhour time-tracking application for Mac users.

WWD regularly covers time tracking, accounting and billing applications, but Manhour’s new release and its specific support for OS X users makes it a good time to cast our critical eye over this product.

Some of the highlights from Manhour’s latest 1.3 release include:

  • Support for varying hourly rates that might apply for different times of day or activities, for example.
  • Automated time-tracking and fee calculation, based on the fee structure you’ve defined. Users can even choose to bill down to the second, which could get interesting when coupled with a premium-rate phone support option!
  • Integration with the OS X address book, to allow tasks and projects to be directly linked to clients’ contact cards.
  • Comprehensive and editable reporting of recorded tasks and time blocks, also exportable as CSV, PDF and plain text.

Manhour does nothing that you wouldn’t expect from such an application, but its integration with core OS X features such as the Address Book and Menu Bar, coupled with a low price of $10 and a 15-day trial period, seems like pretty good value.

Personally, I shy away from working at hourly rates, but I have to admit, I might just give Manhour a whirl for a couple of weeks to track how much time I’m actually spending on work that I generally only bill in half- or full-day increments. Certainly most web workers could benefit from “metering” actual time vs. billed time.

Find out more at Aelgo’s Manhour product site.

What do you use for time tracking?

6 Responses to “Manhour: Track the Value of Your Time”

  1. Imran Ali

    Thanks John – actually, if app providers jsut published open standards and APIs, it’d be lot easier to create mobile access to regular apps!

  2. When I had my iphone, I used to use a meter app called Payometer (I think it was 99 cents or something). I wonder if the folks that built that could work with these guys to integrate a solution/service along with it.