Keep Important Secrets Safely on your Android Phone


secrets1Owners of a Google (s GOOG) Android handset might be interested in a secure password management application. After all, wouldn’t it totally blow if you lost your device only to hand over passwords and other secure data to another party? It’s relatively easy to replace the device, but not so easy to shut down or modify online accounts due to compromised security. Enter Secrets for Android in the Google Code database. Nope, you won’t find in the Android Market just yet, but I’m sure it won’t be a secret when it appears there. ;) For now, you can download the .apk file direct from the Google Code project page.

Your secrets can be online passwords, account numbers, a drivers license number or other secure information. There’s a master password to unlock your secrets and the data is encrypted to keep prying eyes out. It doesn’t appear feature-rich just yet: Gina Trapani would like to see a search feature, which of course would be useful. Now if only the developers had some background in search functionality… what does Google do again?

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