Intel Updates X25-M SSD Firmware, Addresses Fragmentation Faux Pas

Image Credit: PC Perspective

Image Credit: PC Perspective

Just two months ago we pointed out the PC Perspective review of Intel’s X25-M Solid State Disk drive. There’s much to like about the speedy 2.5-inch SSD that can read and write at up to 250 MBps and 80 MBps, respectively. It’s not all about speed, though. Remember the tortoise and the hare? PC Perspective had determined that the X25-M suffered from serious long-term fragmentation issues. While fragmented files are nothing new to magnetic storage devices, the additional downside was the defragmentation solution: You had to completely wipe the drive clean and reinstall your OS. Yikes!

Turns out that Intel was able to replicate the issue. Even better, they devised a firmware upgrade and shot it over to the PC Perspective reviewers to test out. The verdict? We have a winner! The new firmware applied to a fragmented drive “enables the X25 to power through any preexisting fragmentation, keeping write speeds *way* closer to 80 MB/sec.” That’s good news for anyone planning to plunk down some coin for a fast, low power-consumption drive. Back in February, I saw prices around $379, but a recent scouring of the web shows you might nab one for $15 less right now.


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