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How to Expedite Mobile Gmail Retreival in Under a Minute

Is your IMAP Gmail moving slower on your handset than a clogged drain? GearDiary offers a simple and common sense tweak to keep the mail moving much faster: sync only the labels or folders that you really need on your phone. Now that’s a compromise that some aren’t willing to make, and to each his or her own. However, when I thought about it and reviewed the dozens of labels that I have in Gmail, both for work and personal use, I realized that I only hit up a few on my phone. I can always get to the mail in any label in a pinch through a browser on my computer; or on my phone, for that matter.

Long story short: you can always try this method and revert back if you find it too limiting while mobile. Simply log in to Gmail on the web and click the Settings link. From there, click the Labels link and remove the “Show in IMAP” check-boxes for any labels that you don’t hit up all that often on the go. Be sure not to uncheck the standard or default labels for key items like Inbox, Sent Mail, and Trash.

In my example above, you can see that I’m no longer synchronizing the CES 2009 or CTIA labels: those shows are in the past and although I want to keep the mail that’s in them, I don’t need to access it while out and about any longer. Again, this is common sense, but probably not something folks think about: why “clog the sync” with data you really don’t need when mobile?

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