Facebook's Redesign Taking a Toll on Some Apps

facebook_head_6_smallFacebook’s quest for a more real-time, Twitter-like future is taking a toll on some of its more popular apps, like Causes. Monthly usage of many of the site’s top apps have dropped 15-25 percent, according to Nick O’Neill, who writes the AllFacebook blog. And yet if you look at just the Top 50 apps, the impact of the redesign is insignificant — as O’Neill notes, “[T]he total number of monthly active users among the top 50 applications has risen from 317.4 million to 322 million over the past 30 days.”

Still, many app developers believe the new redesign leaves little room for the exposure of their apps. As I’ve said before, when betting on a platform, app developers run the risk of becoming mere¬†puppets in the hands of the platform owner. Most Facebook app developers I’ve spoken to over the past few weeks firmly believe the platform is no longer a priority for the Palo Alto, Calif.-based social network, that Facebook wants to focus all of its energies on Facebook Connect instead.