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Pentagon Picks Up Alternative Fuels Projects: The Defense Department, the largest consumer of energy in the U.S., spent some $18 billion on energy last year. Now it’s prioritizing development of alternative fuels and energy saving technologies in an effort to reduce the number of convoys put at risk delivering fuel. — Washington Post

Dangerous Emissions: The U.S. EPA had planned to announce this week that it has found CO2 emissions pose a danger to the public, a step that could lead to tighter limits for vehicle, factory and power plant emissions. But a fight between environmentalists and automakers is complicating the rollout. — Wall Street Journal

Battery Consortium Eyes Kentucky: The National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries has selected Glendale, Ky. for the site of its first plant. Depending on funding allocated under the stimulus package, the group may invest up to $600 million in the project. — Kansas City Business Journal

Coulomb Breaks It Down: Coulomb Technologies CEO Richard Lowenthal talks about strategy, costs, 2010 profitability and rival Better Place in a new interview. — Business Insider’s Green Sheet

Jag Gets a Plug: — Now that the European Union has agreed to provide loans for new green technology, Jaguar plans to launch an extended-range electric version of its XJ luxury four-door by 2011. Autocar