Carol Browner: The Quarterback of U.S. Climate Change Regulation


carolbrownerimageThere’s been a lot of people wondering how much authority Obama’s energy czar Carol Browner would wield. The administration created the new role to coordinate climate change and energy issues across divisions. Well, if comments from Congressman Edward Markey at an MIT conference on energy policy this morning are on the money, Browner will be acting as a sort of quarterback for the U.S. climate change playbook.

Browner, who headed up the Environmental Protection Agency under Bill Clinton, said herself in a speech this morning that the administration has been adding an increasing amount of divisions to her climate change policy coordination since her position was created. She said that she and President Obama thought maybe five or six agencies would fall under her coordination when he created the position, but since then they have added what seems like another agency every week.

Over the past few months Browner has put getting funds for energy efficiency, clean power and the smart grid into the stimulus package and the budget on top of her agenda. Next up, she’ll be working on ways to negotiate the upcoming energy bill. And in response to a question on whether the administration will try to use the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases if the energy bill doesn’t pass, Browner said she’s optimistic that the energy bill will pass. In other words, the Clean Air Act is the insurance but she’s keeping her fingers crossed for a friendly agreement.

Browner’s stances have also helped lead the Obama team’s break from Bush administration policies — she’s called the Bush group “the worst environmental administration ever.” Markey said that days after Obama and Browner started work on climate change policy, he had a conversation about open standards of the smart grid that he wouldn’t have been able to have at any point in the last eight years.


Claire Richter

How can we stop Florida’s SB 360? This bill signed into law last month by Gov. Charlie Christ will doom any chance that the Everglades will be cleaned up. What it will do is give land developers an opportunity to pave and develop this vital waterway. IS THERE ANYTHING YOU CAN DO TO OVERTURN THIS ILLEGAL BILL?

Bill Murphy

First, The federal government should proceed immediately to convert all, where posible, post office vehicles into renewable energy efficient vehicles. this program would provide a model immediately and provide a vehicle for “detroit” to focus upon and create JOBS!
SEcond, the largest source of renewable energy is the ocean and the elevation of the tides! Look at the Bay of FUNday! review the proposal from the scottish government for the SALTINE prize!!!


A feed-in tariff plan to buy clean energy from its customers ranging from homeowners to commercial energy companies at a higher guaranteed rate over a certain period of time would help spark new investment in renewable energy generation, foster up-to-date building industry, and create a new generation of green jobs.

“I’m seeing it with my own eyes ? it’s really having a good effect on our local economy, particularly in these hard times,” said Edward J. Regan, the assistant general manager for strategic planning at Gainesville Regional Utilities in Florida. And Other countries–particularly Germany, Spain and Denmark–have successfully used FITs to encourage the development of renewable energy projects.

I guess this plan will help increase the value of the house considerably, and get the reeling building industry and overall economy back on its feet as well.

Additional investments in this sector would not only stimulate the recovery of the construction and allied industries but also generate tens of thousands of jobs.

Thank you !

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