New Bluetooth Spec Will Enable Speedy Transfers Of Photos, Videos

imageA new version of Bluetooth is set to come out later this month that will allow users to quickly and easily transfer large multimedia files, like a DVD or hundreds of photos, over a wireless connection, reports With these capabilities, you can imagine a host of new reasons to use Bluetooth, including connecting a mobile device to a TV, a computer monitor, or speakers to stream video, music, or other large files.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which publishes new versions of the technology, said those are the kinds of functions it envisions with version 3.0, which will be unveiled April 21. Until then, it’s not saying when it will be available to consumers, or whether it will require a new device or will be backwards compatible with older Bluetooth devices.

More on how it works after the jump… reported Bluetooth is capable of achieving higher speeds by integrating Wi-Fi to transfer larger files. It wrote: “The association’s two-pronged design neatly addresses the issue of backward compatibility by taking a classic Bluetooth connection ‘and allowing it to jump on top of the already present 802.11 radio, when necessary, to send bulky entertainment data faster’.” Then, when the Wi-Fi radio is no longer needed, it returns to normal operation to save battery life. This will work even when a Wi-Fi signal is not present.