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Half Of Microsoft Employees Use Google To Search Web

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Forget about selling Live Search to the American public — Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is struggling to get its own employees to use the search engine. In February, fewer than half of the company’s U.S. employees used Live Search, while roughly an equal number used Google (NSDQ: GOOG), according to a CNET report. Microsoft SVP Yusuf Mehdi says poor marketing is part of the problem: “I think some of that is predicated on us talking broadly about some great experiences and promoting it heavily, which is something I think we are going to do soon.”

Microsoft is expected to relaunch its search engine later this year, when it is also expected to launch a major ad campaign to promote it. Until then, employees don’t have to feel too badly about not using Live Search at work: Since early March, internal traffic to has been redirected to, a new search engine being used to test some of the features expected to debut with the relaunch.

5 Responses to “Half Of Microsoft Employees Use Google To Search Web”

  1. F Merchant

    Poor marketing? I don't think so, poor searches and irrelevant results are the problem. Plus why do I need a background picture when i go to live search? What is the reason for this? I need my searches to be fast and lean. Once you do put in what you are searching for it changes it changes into a Google like UI. Why not just use Google?

    Why does MS need to be in the search business? Is it relevant? We don't see oracle or other techs companies in the search business. I think it takes focus away from their core money making products such as OS, office and servers. This is what MS should focus on and protect.